Twelve Drummers Drumming book cover

Publisher: Doubleday Canada

Twelve Drummers Drumming

A Father Christmas Mystery

Introducing Father Tom Christmas, the wise, warm-hearted new vicar of a picturesque English village that seems to be a haven of peace. But appearances can be very deceiving.
Thornford Regis has never been lovelier: larks on the wing, lilacs in bloom, and the May Fayre is in full swing. But inside the empty village hall, the huge Japanese o-daiko drum that’s featured in the festivities has been viciously sliced open—and curled-up inside is the bludgeoned body of Sybella Parry, the beautiful nineteen-year-old daughter of the choir director.
That she is too young to die, everyone agrees. But has Sybella’s apparent affinity for Goth and the black arts, and her rumored use of drugs, attracted a unscrupulous element that led to her heart-rending demise?
Father Tom Christmas, still haunted by the tragedy that has left him a widower and his nine-year-old daughter motherless, soon realizes that this idyllic village is not the refuge he’d hoped for—and he also comes to a disturbing conclusion: that Sybella’s killer must be one of his parishioners. No one is above suspicion—not Sebastian John, Father Tom’s deeply reserved verger, nor Mitsuko Drew, a local artist, nor irritable Colonel Northmore, survivor of a World War II prison camp. One by one, infidelity, theft, and intrigue are exposed. And over all, like an approaching storm, hangs the unsolved mystery of the previous vicar’s sudden disappearance less than two years earlier.